Naraokayaki crafts popular and practical ceramics using local clay with a beautiful and distinctive pale blue ‘namakoyu’ glaze. Pieces are available for purchase, and there are also pottery workshops available.

Access: 25 minutes by car from Omagari Station & 10 minutes from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

  • 09:00–17:00 Closed over New Year
  • 344-1 Nashikida, Nangai

Michi no Eki Kyowa

Roadside rest area located on Route 46 halfway between Sengan Pass and Akita City. They stock a large selection of local products, as well as specialities from Sadohara in Miyazaki due to a friendship city relationship. There is also a restaurant that serves local produce.

Access: 10 minutes by car from Ugo-Sakai Station & 15 minutes from Akita Expressway Kyowa IC

  • November–April: 09:00–18:00 May–October: 09:00–19:00
  • 15-2 Shinde Omote, Kyowa Arakawa
  • DATE
  • Open 365 days

Michi no Eki Nakasen

Styled as a traditional rice warehouse, the main building Komekome Plaza stocks a variety of local Tochu tea, pork and a range of products from around Akita. Inside is also a farmer’s market, restaurant, udon and soba shop, along with a selection of baked goods made with rice flour. The rice flour soft serve ice cream and Tochu ginger pork set are popular choices.

Access: 20 minutes by car from Omagari Station & 30 minutes by car from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

  • 09:00-18:00
    Closed over New Year
  • 95-1 Takebatake, Nagano

Michi no Eki Kamioka

The first roadside rest area built along Route 13. On both sides of the approaching road are raised mounds, an uncommon feature today that dates back to the Edo period, once used to mark the distance from the capital for travellers. It’s said to be the 133rd marker from the capital. Inside is a lineup of local products using the original Ajidoraku sauce, various regional souvenirs, Akita Komachi rice grown in Kamioka and a restaurant serving fresh local produce.

Access: 8 minutes by car from Kariwano Station & 15 minutes from Akita Expressway Nishi-Semboku Smart IC

  • April–October: 08:00–19:00
    Weekends and Holidays until 20:00

    November–March: 08:00–18:00
    Weekends and holidays until 19:00
  • 187 Funato Kitanaraoka