POLMEAT Akita Sausages

Original Akita sausages crafted with traditional European techniques. Michal Taberski moved from Poland to start the Akita Sausage Revolution, producing fresh, authentic sausages with a unique flavour at a reasonable price.

Available at Takayanagi and Itoku supermarkets, Akita Airport, selected Michi no Eki, Ando Fermentation, Wakaba and direct from the factory.

  • 09:00–17:00
    Closed Sunday and public holidays
  • 3-1 Anazawa, Horiminai

Sake Manju

Yeast byproducts from the sake brewing process are infused into these steamed buns, giving them a subtle scent of sake that perfectly compliments the sweet red bean filling. They are best enjoyed freshly prepared when still warm. Auspiciously red and white coloured versions are often seen at the local entrance and graduation ceremonies around Daisen.

Available at Ito Kashiten in Kita Naraoka, Michi no Eki Kamioka, Michi no Eki Nakasen and Daisen supermarkets.

Handmade German Sausages and Ham

For over 25 years, Shimada Ham has been making handmade sausages over an oak flame using traditional German techniques. Their aged ham is also a top seller. Freshly prepared sausage platters and various other courses are available at the Shimada Restaurant on the second floor.

Available at Shimada Ham 1F (10 minutes on foot from Omagari Station), local supermarkets and department stores.

Tofu Castella Cake and Tofu Rolls

These local delicacies have been enjoyed since the Edo period in the south of Akita. Consisting mainly of tofu and white fish paste with a subtle sweetening, the steamed version is Tofu Kamaboko and the baked is Tofu Castella. Fluffy, mildly sweet and rich in plant-based protein, they make satisfying and healthy treats and are very popular local gifts.

Available in southern Akita supermarkets and at Tsujiya (5 minutes on foot from Omagari Station).

Tochu Pork

Tochu is a local brand of pork raised in Nakasen. The pigs are fed with amino-acid rich eucommia leaves, which are plentiful in the area, giving the meat a rich but clean flavour. Available as ginger pork at the Michi no Eki Nakasen restaurant.

Michi no Eki Nakasen Access: 20 minutes by car from Omagari Station & 25 minutes from Akita Expressway Omagari IC


There is a staggering number of competing ramen shops in Daisen, with a few of them also taking part in the popular Ramen Festival around Omagari Station. The festival is a good opportunity to find that local bowl of ramen you’re looking for.

Charr and Yamame Trout

Fishing in the numerous mountain streams running down from the Ou Ranges for freshwater fish like charr and yamame trout has long been popular in the Semboku area. These fish are an important local cuisine of Kyowa, where a river fish stocking programme is in place to maintain sustainability. Kyowa’s speciality, rice bran pickled charr, was the winner of the Daisen Specialty Design Contest.

Available at Michi no Eki Kyowa and Shiki no Yu.


A traditional one-pot dish made with seasonal vegetables and balls of lightly crushed rice in a chicken broth, producing a simple but rich flavour and usually enjoyed in the colder months. Believed to be a home-cooked creation of local farmers, it has a history even longer than the more well-known kiritampo.

Available at Kowakubi Onsen.


A customary cuisine of Akita, made applying a layer of lightly crushed rice around cedar skewers and roasting them over an open flame. They are usually cut into large slices and eaten with a simple layer of miso, or simmered in a local poultry broth with seasonal vegetables. Kiritampo are often eaten in the winter as part of school lunch and are served at Japanese restaurants and ryokan around Daisen.

Available at Hana, Kura and other restaurants.

Omagari Curry Umen

The people of Omagari have been enjoying curry umen for more than 50 years, since 1965 when the local dish was born somewhere around Omagari Station. Made with ramen noodles and a mentsuyu soup usually found in udon or soba, then finally topped with curry. It isn’t quite curry ramen or curry udon, and has a familiar but unique flavour, making it a distinct dish of its own.

Available at Wa Dining Fuji (Omagari Station West Exit), Hikari (Anbee Omagari 2F), Michi no Eki Nakasen, Michi no Eki Kyowa & Toshima Shokudo (Kariwano, Nishi-Semboku).

  • Omagari Curry Umen