Minna no Nojo

Mina no Bokujo is a local leisure facility with a number of horses and ponies visitors can interact with and ride. They also offer horse-riding support for those with disabilities, woodworking, tree climbing and experiences in gardening, history and culture.


Access: 30 minutes by car from Omagari Station & 35 minutes from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

Kyowa Motocycle Park

This official JAF circuit located at the old Arakawa Mine is among the best in Tohoku. Bookings for racing cart and mini bike time trials are available and visitors may also just come and watch the action. Children and beginners welcome.

Access: 40 minutes by car from Akita City & 20 minutes from Akita Expressway Kyowa IC

  • 09:00–17:00
  • 2-2 Ugaizawa, Kyowa Arakawa
  • DATE
  • April – mid-November

Ota Noson Taiken no Sato

Sheep, goats and ponies can be seen up close and petted at this local farm experience facility. The nearby accommodation is convenient for enjoying the surrounding roofed BBQ area and onsen, and there are also walking courses, rental bicycles and other outdoor activities available.

Access: 35 minutes by car from Aita Expressway Omagari IC & 40 minutes from Omagari Station

  • 09:00–17:00
  • 10-5 Sogyo Oyachi, Ota
  • DATE
  • Early-May – November

Akita Hyakusho Village

Hyakusho is a small village where you can learn about working on the land while getting your hands dirty. The lively village chief shares important insights through agriculture on the joys of growing and providing food, as well as the difficulties that come with it.

Access: 20 minutes by car from Kariwano Station & 15 minutes from Akita Expressway Nishi-Semboku Smart IC

  • 130 Hatsuka Misawa, Osawa Goshuku

Furusato Marugoto Ota Land

The Ota Revitalisation Promotion Council organises a variety of rural experiences to make the most of the pronounced seasons. There is a wide range of outdoor activities such as rice planting and harvesting and wild vegetable picking, as well as culinary activities like making kiritampo, pizza, pickles and amazake. Please contact Takahashi at the above number for more information and allow three days in advance for reservations.

  • Ota
  • DATE
  • Activities are seasonal and weather dependant

Kisetsu no Sato

Kisetsu no Sato offers unique agricultural experiences amidst the untouched nature of Northern Japan. They offer a variety of activities overlooking the exquisite Mt. Chokai and boundless rice fields including corn and watermelon harvesting, wreath-making and straw crafting. The clear and serene nightscapes and sense of the changing seasons are quite spectacular.

Access: 15 minutes by car from Omagari Station & 10 minutes from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

  • 18-1 Asahimori, Kakumagawamachi

Kyowa Ski Area

Accessible via two lifts, Kyowa has a varied slope spread over nine courses ranging from gentle wide beginner pistes to ungroomed advanced sections. The ski lodge restaurant has an extensive menu and the nearby onsen also offers accommodation packages.


Access: 20 minutes by car from Ugo-Sakai Station & 25 minutes from Kyowa Akita Expressway Kyowa IC

  • Day: 09:00–16:00
    Night: 17:00–21:00
  • 71-1 Kami Shonai, Kyowa Funaba
  • DATE
  • 2017 / 2018 Season: December 23 – March 11

    Night: Saturdays between January 6 – February 24

Amarume Fireflies

From mid to late June, members of a local organisation working to put new life into the Amarume area guide visitors through the rice fields to see the fireflies. In recent years, fireflies have become more and more difficult to find so this annual event is a rare chance to see the symbols of Amarime.

Access: 15 minutes by car from Omagari Station & 5 minutes from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

  • 19:30–21:00
  • Amarume, Uchiotomo
  • DATE
  • Mid–late June

Sasakura Park

The stars of this petting park are the spotted sika deer that were gifted to Daisen City by the Chinese province of Gansu. There is also a suspended sky cycle track for children and the park is well known for its cherry blossoms in the spring.

Access: 10 minutes by car from Jinguji Station & 35 minutes from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

  • 09:00–16:00
    Open to public in season but closed during winter
  • 1-2 Sasakura, Jinguji
  • DATE
  • Mid-April – early-November

Omagari Family Campsite

Omagari Family Campsite is located within Sogo Park and surrounded nature with by sweeping views over Daisen. It is equipped with cooking, campfire and toilet facilities, and even has tent rentals and accommodations for guide dogs.

Access: 20 minutes by bus from Omagari Station / 5 minutes by car from Akita Expressway Omagari IC

  • 65-2 Ninoji, Nishine, Omagari